Month: September 2017

three dreams

three dreams in
three consecutive nights:

my niece, now five or so, looks
up at the clear blue. “there’s a
flashight in the sky,” she says. I
look up at this flashlight, it
flickers brighter and brighter, till
it streaks across, a trail of
heavy smoke behind and it hits off
in the distance. the shockwave

walking through an empty amusement
park with my father at night- along
the boardwalk between a carousel
with faded horses and a
wooden roller coaster that hasn’t
seen a smiling face in years. there’s
a loud rumbling, we both look up
to see the moon fall. a tidal wave
the size of a skyscraper crests
above us.

in a room that has peach
colored walls. my head is resting
on my lover’s pregnant belly. curtains
curling in a soft yellow breeze. her
hands run through my thinning
hair. everything is silent.

I know what these dreams mean.

dead stem

a caricature of what your parents
wanted you to be. but this is
a conscious childless. this is
fighting all
the addictions that were
in inheritance;

gambling itch
eighty proof professor
tar plumes
drunk tank
a few wives to divorce
mental illness

it’s not a tree, it’s a
frail brown stem- and I want
no part of it.