Month: June 2018

been meaning

I’ve got a christmas tree in a box in
my kitchen that I’ve been meaning to
throw out months ago. I’ve got a
purple discolored toe that I smashed
into the leg of my red barstool which
I’ve been meaning to put in a splint a
couple of days ago. been meaning
to do a lot of things lately, but

bourbon keeps me pacified like
child in some state that I’ve
moved away from a couple of times-

been meaning to move away again
for awhile now.

another midwestern summer’s night

it’s six thirty and the sun is still
high on this fourth day of summer. my
brains bake with little water and more
bourbon and an oven at four fifty with
a homemade pizza circular, stationary,

I sweat, type. I
cook, thinking about ice sheets, and dream
of a self, dull blade in hand,
shearing off the tops to fill my glass
and spreading my breath;
a dense fog, wafting
glacious and slowly filling a

castor and pollux

you’ve always been conjoined, gemini.

a starling’s beak dipped in the spiral
of sprawl born in instantaneous flash
a mash stagger of cotton draped flesh in
mesh of concrete, steel and sewer.


ever wins out as gravity shrinks your
final doorway pencil mark back down
to the floor boards, to