it was this time yesterday that I
swiveled in my tan leather chair and
looked at my curled worn brown leather
belt on the rug. I moved my eyes to
the bathroom door frame, tried the
belt on, way above obvious usage. swung
the tail end over top of white door, closed
and tugged through an inch of apartment
repaint tension squeak rub to find that
it would stay put. ultimately

unloosened it all and
to bed.

a line of thunderstorms had recently
passed through, burst of cold
air rushed between greenery, erasing
a few days of oppressive heat. I
stood out on balcony, as the sky
became like gentle hand to a
sorrowful stalk; a cotton
candy pink swathed above a
sherbet orange. and in teary
a text buzzed, a picture from my
sister, three year old
niece in toothy smile, her hair
braided like
her favorite mermaid. I

a rolling lavender field, stretching
towards the warmth;

again perennial.