been meaning

I’ve got a christmas tree in a box in
my kitchen that I’ve been meaning to
throw out months ago. I’ve got a
purple discolored toe that I smashed
into the leg of my red barstool which
I’ve been meaning to put in a splint a
couple of days ago. been meaning
to do a lot of things lately, but

bourbon keeps me pacified like
child in some state that I’ve
moved away from a couple of times-

been meaning to move away again
for awhile now.


listen to lonnie’s lament with
a glass of red at six pm. feelin
like I am far away. the sax towin
me out deeper and deeper. an
empty stained stemless glass. doleful
and nostalgic for what never existed in
the first place. I
not sure if I know who
I am, or worse, if I